EXEL Herbal Lotion with Centella


Refreshes, tones and softens. Ideal as a supplement to cosmetic treatments for cellulite appearance. Also recommended for tired legs.

INGREDIENTS: Centella Asiatica and Ivy extracts.

Volume: 250 ml

Retail and salon use.

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Product Description

A refreshing Toning Lotion for the body and legs. The light textured spray absorbs quickly and opens the skin’s channels to deliver the active ingredients to the deeper layers of the targeted area. It is used for improving skin texture, the appearance of cellulite and strengthening veins and capillaries. Apply on tired legs to minimise and prevent spider veins or spray on to the body to soften and tone the skin before applying Cellulite Gels. Exel Herbal Lotion has astringent properties and dilates the capillaries to improve absorption.

It contains Centella Asiatica a small herbaceous plant used in traditional Ayurvedic, Chinese and African medicine because of its healing properties. Centella Asiatica is effective in strengthening venous walls, valves and capillaries resulting in improved blood circulation which can improve the appearance of spider veins and can relieve tired, sore legs and feet.

Hedera Helix Extract, the extract of English Ivy Leaf helps to control cellulite and has anti-inflammatory properties. Hedera Helix Extract also relieves congestion in the lymphatic system, which assists in flushing away toxins from the body.