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Just like the face, the body can suffer from loss of skin firmness and elasticity. This commonly affects the arms, abdomen, back and thighs. Loose, sagging skin can occur when the skin becomes stretched, such as after dramatic weight loss or pregnancy. It can also occur with ageing caused by the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibres. To tighten and firm the skin Exel Body Lab formulated skin firming products specific for the body to restructure the skin by inducing collagen synthesis and cellular renewal.

Exel Body Firming Lotion

A spray on lotion that promotes firming, collagen production and elasticity, while deeply moisturing and softening the skin over the entire body. Opens the skin’s channels to further the penetration of Exel Body Firming Cream and has an astringent effect to tighten the skin’s surface.

Formulated with Hydrolysed Silk Proteins, also called serecin, which help to stimulate cellular renewal, firm and tone the skin, while providing deep hydration and antioxidants for repair. Additionally, it contains Centella Asiatica extract, a powerful herb with healing properties which has been proven to activate the production of collagen, by encouraging the growth of fibroblasts, the cells responsible for collagen synthesis. It also improves stretch marks and cellulite appearance, strengthens venous walls and improves blood circulation. Yerba Mate extract, a plant often consumed as a tea infusion, is rich in polyphenols and xanthine, which combats free radical damage with antioxidant properties, while preventing the degeneration and hardening of collagen fibres.

Suitable for:

Use on areas of skin laxity with visible sagging or loss of firmness. The lotion is perfect on arms, back folds, the abdomen and thighs.


Thoroughly cleanse the skin and exfoliate with a mitt or loofah 2 times a week. On a daily basis, spray Exel Body Firming Lotion and gently massage into the skin until it completely vanishes. Follow by applying Exel Body Firming Cream and massage into the body until fully absorbed.

Exel Body Firming Cream

Strengthens and tones the skin over the entire body by helping to increase elasticity while preventing the formation of stretch marks. Provides a firming effect by stimulating collagen production and deeply moisturises the skin to improve the condition of the whole body. Exel Body Firming Cream helps to slow the ageing process with the antioxidant and repairing properties of Vitamin E, a powerful moisturising ingredient that also prevents and reverses free radical cellular damage.

Phospholipids of Soybean Lecithin: Phospholipids are a class of lipids that are a major component of all cell membranes, as they form lipid bilayers. Soybeans contain phytoestrogen, which is a plant derived compound with estrogenic activity. The result is a boost in collagen production and firmness while brightening the skin. It attracts and holds moisture to the skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids, derived from plant and milk sources accelerate the skin’s natural exfoliation process, to result in increased cell turnover, a smooth, even texture while gently improving pigmentation over continued use. These include Glycolic (sugar cane), Lactic (sour milk), Citric (citrus fruits), Malic (apples) and Tartaric (grape wine) acids.

Hydrolysed wheat germ protein is an extract of the most nutritious part of the wheat kernel, containing Vitamin E which moisturises and protects, Vitamin K for speeding up skin healing and reducing inflammation, Palmitic acid for helping the production of natural oils in the skin and Phytosterols, a plant steroid that stimulates the production of collagen and a number of other nutrients.

Grape Seed Extract, a powerful antioxidant not only fights free radical damage but is rich in flavonoids which protect the skin cells from damage. Grape seed extract inhibits the destruction of collagen structures in the skin and strengthens blood vessels.

Citrus limonum extract, which comes from lemon peel, clarifies the skin and has antioxidant skin repairing properties.

Malt extract is derived from barley, which contains selenium for preserving skin elasticity and has antioxidant properties. Malt extract promotes skin firming, and promotes the flushing of toxins from the body.

Suitable for:

Use on areas of flaccid skin with visible sagging or loss of firmness. The lotion is perfect on arms, back folds, the abdomen and thighs.


Thoroughly cleanse the skin and exfoliate with a mitt or loofah 2 times a week. On a daily basis, spray Exel Body Firming Lotion and gently press into the skin until it completely vanishes. Follow by applying Exel Body Firming Cream and massage into the body until fully absorbed.

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Did you know that it can take as little as 15 minutes of sun exposure for the skin to burn?

This can cause permanent damage, hyperpigmentation and accelerate aging as UV radiation causes a free radical reaction, where oxidative damage occurs and is spread from cell to cells. By wearing Exel Sun Protection Creams UV rays are blocked so they cannot be absorbed by the skin, with physical sun blockers that are selected for the highest protection and are suitable for sensitive skin. Exel Sun Protection Creams also contain a combination of antioxidant rich cellular repairing ingredients which prevents aging and stops the free radical chain reaction.

Did you know Australia has the highest rate of skin cancers?

Here in Australia our harsh weather exposes us to high temperatures and a perpetually increasing risk of sun damage. Sun Protection is the key to healthy skin.

Wearing sun protection no longer has to feel greasy or sticky with Exel

Specially formulated to be non-greasy, light weight and non-comedogenic, Exel sun protection creams are created for the face. They are available in a range of colour adjusting shades for a natural light coverage that is so comfortable to wear, that you wouldn’t even know it’s a sunscreen!

Also available in a colourless face and body formula


The full range has the added benefits of:

Live Yeast Cell Extract: Live yeast cells are cultivated under specific controlled conditions to optimise the benefits by releasing an extract rich in antioxidant enzymes, vitamins and trace elements. Live Yeast Cells contain Superoxide Dismutase (SD) which increases cellular activity by facilitating the use of oxygen and nutrient absorption, effectively improving the breathing and energy processes of the skin.


Aloe Vera Leaf Extract: Extract of the Aloe Vera leaves, which soothes and heals the skin. It is deeply hydrating and moisturising and calming.


Shea Butter: Extract from the nut of the Shea Tree which prevents water loss, while softening and soothing the skin.


Calcium: Calcium is one of the most abundantly found minerals in our skin. It regulates the cellular turnover and production, allowing the shedding of dead skin cells and boosts proliferation of keratinocytes, thickening and strengthening weak skins. It is also plays a vital role in the skin’s barrier function, improves skin hydration and moisture.


Ectoin: A natural moisture binder that also protects the skin from the effects of UVA induced cellular damage. It is an active protector against extreme environmental aggression.


Sodium DNA: A biologically active ingredient which boosts cellular repair and regenerative function of the skin. This antioxidant is clinically proven to strengthen the epidermis, restore elasticity and minimise lines and wrinkles.


Witch Hazel: Natural Herbal extract that reduces skin swelling, brightens the complexion and has antioxidant properties. It has a refreshing and clearing action and has astringent effect, which tighten the skin.



All Day Protection

Antiaging Antioxidants

Natural Tint for All Skin Shades


Don’t take a risk when it comes to sun exposure. Always protect your skin and have regular check-ups with your GP.

See real visible results with the most advanced skincare derived from ethically sourced herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and biotechnology with Exel Skincare.

Make your Skin Healthy and Beautiful


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