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Skin tightening for the delicate neck, décolletage and bust area

Jul 10, 2022


Exel Bust Firming Lotion, the answer to healthy skin

Tightening and Firming is just as important for the neck, décolletage and bust as it is for the face, however many of us forget or neglect the area when it comes to skincare. If we do not take care of this area, it can begin to show signs of loss of firmness, skin laxity and thinning. Stretchmarks are a common occurrence on the bust and create a rippled, uneven appearance. Exel Bust Firming Lotion treats and prevents the formation of stretch marks to reveal smoother, firmer skin with improved tone.

This lotion is ideal for hydrating and calming the skin, minimising epidermal redness and inducing cellular repair. Many women suffer from irritation and rashes from bra straps, under wires or chaffing from the fabric. By protecting the skin with the specialised bust cream, the skin is provided with healing ingredients to boost repair, while also preventing further irritation.

Includes powerful active ingredients, to improve the skin condition, while promotion optimal health for the sensitive breast tissue. Formulated with:

Calendula Extract
The extract of the Calendula Flower is commonly used to promote healthy breast tissue. It soothes and calms the sensitive tissue, while promoting blood flow.

For centuries, Calendula has been used for wound healing and calming skin irritation. Calendula induces the production of collagen, which minimises the formation and appearance of scars and stretch marks where it is applied topically.

Aloe Vera Extract
Extract of the Aloe Vera leaves, which soothes and heals the skin. It is deeply hydrating and moisturising and calming.

Vegetable DNA
This natural biopolymer which is extracted from wheat germ is capable of holding up to 10,000 times its weight in water, to provide deep hydration to the skin. A special process of purification is used to allow for the retention of its high and innate polymerization power. Vegetable DNA is rich in phosphates, which are slowly broken down by epidermal enzymes, to be absorbed into the skin’s channels to promote healing and cellular regeneration of micro damage. Highly antioxidant, this powerful ingredient protects and repairs skin which has been damaged by external pollutants, while inducing collagen and elastin production. It is highly soothing, moisturising and suitable even for the most sensitive of skin.

Hyaluronic Acid
A gel-like water holding molecule naturally found in almost every part of the body in the connective tissue. Hyaluronic Acid significantly improves skin hydration and moisture levels while stimulating the induction of collagen and elastin fibres. This antioxidant also has the ability to remove waste matter from the skin cells including where there is poor blood circulation. Hyaluronic Acid also retains over 1000 times its weight in water.

Vitamin E
This vitamin is very important for our skin and a powerful antioxidant which supplies essential lipids for moisture and nourishment. When we are exposed to UV rays from the sun, pollutants or other external factors, the body produces free radicals. Vitamin E, due to its antioxidant properties repairs the oxidised cells and protects against further damage. Vitamin E repairs the cells and protects the skin against further damage, while preventing dryness and rebuilding the skin’s barrier.

An emollient that treats and prevents skin dryness. It significantly improves skin texture, roughness and flaking while protecting against irritation.

To be applied every day after bathing. Pat dry the skin, then follow by gently massaging Exel Bust Firming Lotion until completely absorbed, with upward strokes on the neck and décolletage. For the bust area apply support with one hand above the breast and use upward strokes with the other hand.

For improved absorption of the cream, gently exfoliate the skin two to three times a week. This removes dead skin cells and allows the channels of the skin to open and effectively absorb the active ingredients.


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  • Not Tested on animals
  • Product lines manufactured with advanced biotechnologies and quality controls of medical standards.
  • Mineral Oil Free products: No petroleum-based ingredients. Laboratory committed to the care of the Environment.
  • Technology and effectiveness equivalent to Pharmaceutical Standards under GMP regulations.
  • Unique products due to its natural actives and delivery systems that guarantee more effectiveness.
  • Formulated with minimum quantities of surfactants and preservatives.
  • Tailored options for different skin types.
  • Dermatologically tested.

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