Most clients seek magical solutions which can firm sagginess, tone skin and reduce cellulite, however their schedules rarely permit the necessary time for an extensive series of body treatments.

This has been only a dream until now


has made this a possibility!

The treatment only takes a total of 15 minutes, first Cryogenic Lotion is applied on the area followed by Cryogenic Gel, after that the area is wrapped with plastic film. Your client then leaves this Cooling Wrap in place for 6 hours while they continue with their daily activities, after which they can easily remove it themselves.

The added benefits of this treatment are the stimulation of the lymphatic system and improved removal of toxins. This product produces a pleasant cooling effect, which forces the body to metabolise stored fat by regulating body heat. It can be applied up to 3 times per week.

The Criogenic therapy contains:

2 Criogenic Lotions
2 Criogenic Gels

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Product Description

These products are for professional use only and can be used in conjunction with special beauty equipment or exercise programs to further the body contouring results. Unlike some home use wrap products, the EXEL Cryogenic Therapy Line delivers real visible improvements in skin tightening, fat reduction, fluid retention, and contains a high concentration of active ingredients.