EXEL Beauty Repairing Gel with Vitamin C


A 20% Vitamin C serum in a hydrating Aloe Vera base which doesn’t block the pores. It improves epidermal luminosity and smoothness. Liposomes carry stabilised Vitamin C deep inside the skin to combat free radicals and help prevent uneven skintone through the release of tyronise.

Recommended for: All skin types. Ideal for uneven skin tone, photosensitive skin or skin exposed to the sun and other light radiation.

Directions: After cleansing the skin and applying the appropriate toner, apply 2 to 3 drops of Beauty Repairing Gel onto the face and press into the skin until absorbed. Finish with a moisturiser or sun protection according to your skin type.

INGREDIENTS: Vitamin C palmitate and E acetate liposomes, Aloe Vera gel, Panthenol, Urea and Sodium pyrrolidone carboxylate.

Volume 30ml

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