Exel Age Defy

Exel Age Defy is the newest formulation for the care of premature aging. The lightweight formula prevents water loss and heat retention while delivering a blend of natural ingredients to actively repair the skin and prevent the signs of aging.

Reinforces the barrier function and helps prevent and reduce wrinkles through an intense antioxidant and stimulates the action of the cell function.

Formulated with a unique plant based delivery system called phytosomes. These tiny molecules hold active ingredients to be delivered to the deepest layers of skin for a slow release of actives for intensive skin repair.


Aglycone Bio-active Phytosomes containing soy phytoestrogens providing rich moisture and anti-aging properties.

Blueberry extract providing antioxidants and a blend of natural vitamins.

Chia Seed oil, providing essential fatty acids and anti-inflammatory action.

Treats the appearance of aging in mature skin, prevents the appearance of premature aging in young skin.

Directions:  After cleansing and applying toner, apply 1 to 2 pumps and evenly spread over the face and neck with a gentle pressing massage. Recommended for day and night use.


Powerful anti-aging properties for the treatment of mature skin; and antioxidant activity for the treatment of young skin in order to prevent premature ageing.


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