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How to have the Best skin at Any Age

Nov 16, 2021


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Over time, our skin faces many changes. The condition of the skin and the concerns we have differ greatly depending on our age range as many internal and external factors play a major role in the overall health of the skin.

It is always important to have a routine in place which is specific for your age, skin type and condition to ensure healthy, glowing skin while preventing and treating possible damage.

During the teenage years, sebum production increases and acne causing bacteria often can be present. Treating the skin requires proper cleansing. A double cleanse every morning and night is an effective way to keep the skin and pores clear, followed by toning to balance oils. This step also has an astringent action to tighten the skin, minimising open pores. A light moisturiser is required to keep the skin hydrated and soft while delivering the active ingredients to balance sebum production and maintain a matte finish, eliminating shine.

Oily Skin Range
Mineral oil free with herbal ingredients of Tea Tree, Calendula, Rosemary, Sage, Witch Hazel and Lady’s Thistle. Balances oil production, softens skin and leaves a comfortable matt finish.

Sebum Clean
Astringent Lotion
Sebum Control

Acne Skin Conditions
To clear acne causing bacteria and balancing sebum, Exel’s Acne range delivers a tea tree rich range, also including Colloidal Sulphur and Bentonite Clay to calm the inflammation of acne and draw out oils.

Soapy Cream
Beauty Lotion for Acne
Beauty Cream for Acne
Drying Mask

In your twenties, it is important to start to protect the skin and maintain a healthy condition. Sun protection and hydration without blocking the pores are two of the most important steps to preventing aging later in life, while introducing Vitamin C into the routine protects the cells from free radical damage and promotes cellular health.  If you are not using an Eye Contour Gel yet, introducing one into the routine not only delays the formation of wrinkles but also treats dehydration, puffiness and dark circles.

If you have oily skin with the occasional breakout of pimples, set a routine for clearing the skin and spot treat pimples with a Drying Mask.

Vitamin E Range
A hydrating range for maintaining healthy skin, with Vitamin A, E, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Mallow and Chlorophyll. For Normal and Sensitive Skin.

Cleansing Lotion
Herbal Lotion
Beauty Repairing Gel
Moisturising Cream
Eye Contour Lotion

Exel Oily Skin or Acne Range are suitable for those who have excess sebum production or acneic skin.

As collagen production and cellular metabolism start to slow down, our skincare products need to change. To promote a healthy complexion and prevent premature aging, including serums into the routine is a key step in skincare.

Vitamin C and E are important antioxidants to promote cellular repair, preventing pigmentation and improving moisture levels. Skin oxygenation also has benefits, delivered by Live Yeast Cell Extract, effectively improving blood circulation and preventing excess melanin production.

The first appearance of wrinkles start during the thirties and Exel Expression Wrinkle Control is formulated to prevent and treat wrinkles. The powerful anti-wrinkle peptide Argireline  minimises the micro-movements  in the skin which cause expression wrinkles for an effect similar to botox without any invasive procedures.

Vitamin E Range
Cleansing Lotion
Herbal Lotion
Beauty Repairing Gel
Revitalising Cream
Expression Wrinkle
Sun protection

Skin Oxygenation and Repair
Hydro-Destressant Gel Cream
Gel Cream with Ceramides

During the forties environmental aggressors often begin to take their toll on the skin, which is why pigmentation and an uneven complexion are common skin conditions for people of this age. The onset of the pre-menopausal stages start to affect the skin and premature menopause can also be an issue. The skin can become dryer on the face and body, which may also cause discomfort.

Deep and Hydration and Moisture
Cleansing Lotion
Collagen Lotion
Silk Day and Night
Revitalising Eye Cream
Expression Wrinkle Control

Gel Cream with Ceramides
Beauty Repair Complex

During the fifties, the effects of menopause start to become more apparent. The lowered levels of oestrogen lead to a lack of moisture and hydration, leaving the skin extremely dry.  Hot flushes brings along inflammation, sensitivity and discomfort. The light textured serum cream Exel Elixir is antioxidant rich, deeply repairing with a concentrated light textured formula to deliver anti-aging benefits while being non irritating during hot flushes. A loss of firmness begins to appear due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibres, making the skin appear lax and facial contours lose their definition.

Antioxidant Repair
Cleansing Lotion
Herbal Lotion with Witch Hazel
Anti Age Fluid Gel
Revitalising Eye Cream

Collagen Boosting and Firming
Silk Day Cream
Silk Night Cream
Silk Eye

Sixties and above
During the 60’s and onward, the connective tissue that stabilises the skin and muscles, attaching them to the bones called fascia, begins to deteriorate causing loss of firmness and sagging in the skin. Firming and collagen synthesis are a must during skin treatment as well as during daily at home care, to effectively tighten visible laxity. Cellular turnover is now significantly slowed and as a result the skin can appear dull. Wrinkles at this stage are deeper and often develop around the mouth. As the hormone levels now begin to normalise, skin sensitivity and redness can decline.

Lifting and Collagen Synthesis
Cleansing Lotion
Herbal Lotion with Witch Hazel
F3 Cream
F3 Concentrate
Silk Eye Cream

You can improve your skin at any age with the extensive range of Professional Skincare Products by Exel. Visit www.exelskincare.com.au for the full Exel Skincare range.

Not Tested on animals Product lines manufactured with advanced biotechnologies and quality controls of medical standards. Mineral Oil Free products: No petroleum-based ingredients. Laboratory committed to the care of the Environment. Technology and effectiveness equivalent to Pharmaceutical Standards under GMP regulations. Unique products due to its natural actives and delivery systems that guarantee more effectiveness. Formulated with minimum quantities of surfactants and preservatives. Tailored options for different skin types. Dermatologically tested.

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