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THE COMPANY In a world where nature and technology usually collide,

Biocosmética Exel faces the challenge of designing state of the art skin care products using the most modern biotechnologies and natural active ingredients while respecting the environment and providing the best solutions for the skin’s health and beauty.

Aware that protecting the environment implies preserving its future, Exel’s research and development department produces formulae that combine both natural and biotechnological elements in ideal concentrations to guarantee excellence with an ecological edge.

Exel’s manufacturing facility is located near the Pampas, Mesopotamia and Patagonia regions of Argentina; areas considered to be amongst the world’s most fertile and pristine.

This enables Exel to use natural resources of extraordinary characteristics in the production of high quality raw materials that the laboratory subsequently uses in all of its products sold worldwide.

Exel products are manufactured, packaged and inspected following GMP regulations (Good Manufacturing Practice), assuring the results of its physical, chemical and microbiological tests, achieving a quality control that is equivalent to Pharmaceutical Industry Standards with some of its products qualifying as OTC (Over the Counter) Medical Products.


Founded in the late 1980’s, Biocosmética Exel Argentina SRL has based its steady growth on research work and applied biotechnology for the production of raw materials on one hand and customized service according to the professional esthetician’s demands on the other.

Exel offers professional advice, marketing materials, communication tools and endless specialized training.

The company’s philosophy is summarized in the perfect harmony of “quality and service”, which has resulted in the ever-growing number of beauty professionals working with Exel products in their spas, salons and clinics.

At present, Exel exports its products to five continents, including the most demanding markets such as Europe,United States and Canada, which has enabled it to stake fair claim that “Biocosmética Exel is the most well known Argentinean cosmetic manufacturer in the world.”


  • Raw materials production, for both cosmetic and pharmaceutical use.
  • Product lines manufactured with advanced biotechnologies and quality controls of medical standards.
  • Mineral Oil Free products: No petroleum-based ingredients. Laboratory committed to the care of the Environment.
  • Technology and effectiveness equivalent to Pharmaceutical Standards under GMP regulations.
  • Strategic Geographical Location.
  • Unique products due to its natural actives and delivery systems that guarantee more effectiveness.
  • Formulated with minimum quantities of surfactants and preservatives.
  • In compliance with National and International regulations (CEE, FDA, Health Canada, ANMAT, ANVISA).
  • Manufacturer of over-the-counter (OTC) medical products.
  • Communication and marketing support to improve the success and profitability of its clientele.
  • Coaching and training for optimal use of its products and treatments.
  • Tailored options for different skin types.
  • Exel, the perfect equation: maximum quality and maximum effectiveness at a fair value.
  • Dermatologically tested products.
  • ISO 9001 certified.

The strengths speak for themselves…

Welcome to the Universe of Excellence…

Welcome to the Universe of Biocosmética Exel

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