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AVIVA LABS Professional Spray Tan
Beautiful * Natural * UV Free


Aviva labs manufacture their own products with your health and safety in mind, using only superior, essential and natural ingredients. It is a common mistake to believe that all sunless tanning solutions are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. Aviva labs solutions are truly different.

One of the main reasons is the natural colour – a sun-kissed bronze glow that looks like you just walked off the beach – not an “orange” or artificial-looking colour.

Aviva Labs spray tan solutions are:

  • Quick Drying
  • Non Sticky
  • Without Messy Excess
  • Instant Wearing
  • Odourless

aviva-before-and-afterAviva labs solutions are available in AVIVA LABS’ solutions are available in 7 different shades to provide an optimum tan for every skin type.

8% DHA

Normally for sensitive skin, fairer haired people that can’t tan at all to light tanners

10% DHA

Most popular colour. For tanners that can achieve a tan and want a medium bronzed look.

12% DHA

For tanners who already have a tan or can tan easily. Suited to those with darker hair.

14% DHA

For those that are DHA resistant or those that have naturally dark skin and for those that want to go REALLY dark.

Aviva Express (1 to 3 hours)

For those that don’t have time to wait 8 hours for development, you can wear Aviva Express for 1 hour for a light tan, 2 hours for a medium tan then shower.

Aviva Super Express (30 mins)

The city Tan Collection. In a hurry? Don’t like to wait? Now you are only 30 minutes away from a gorgeus natural spray tan. 30 Minutes Enjoy the Caribbean warmth with this super express sunless tanning solution, the world’s first 30 minutes wash off tan. No more waiting for hours.Get sprayed. Get showered. Go have fun


Before your session

Shower and thoroughly exfoliate your skin. Pay attention to rough/dry skin areas like knees, elbows, ankles and tops of feet. Waxing and shaving should be done at least 24 hours before.

To your session

Your skin must be completely free of any moisturiser, deodorant, make-up or perfumes. Wear loosely fitted clothing for after your tan. Any minor rub off will wash out of most fabrics.

After tan care

Avoid wetting your skin or activities that will cause over perspiration between the tanning and showering phase. You may shower after 5 or 8 hours. After each shower, always pat dry with your towel. Moisturise daily using Aviva labs exclusive after care products. Moisturising will reduce the rate at which your skin sheds and will keep your tan looking better for longer. The use of hot bath, chlorinated pools and spa will reduce the life of your tan.

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