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skin care clinic liverpoolHere at Exel Professional Skincare we believe that skin should not only feel and look gorgeous on the outside, but also you should feel amazing from within. We also understand that nature plays a major role in providing anti aging solutions and we respect it by limiting our impact on the environment, while creating astonishing results. Proudly, we take on this challenge to mix biotechnology and natural ingredients, to make your skin look and feel the best as possible.

We offer you a large variety of choices when it comes to your natural skin care. Our Skin Care Products in Liverpool has served many to enjoy a youthful glow for their skin, while being completely aware of the natural system we live in. We utilize nature, while respecting it, as it provides the purists, richest components for your skin.

Skin Care Product Liverpool – What We Provide

Keeping this in mind, we traveled to a leading source of natural ingredients that provide absolute excellence for our skin. We manufacture near the Pampas, Mesopotamia and Patagonia regions. This is considered the world’s most fertile grounds, an area perfect for pure ingredients.

The product line features pure ingredients that influence the skin to heal. Each product contains raw materials from start to the finish of production. These cosmetics are also considered for pharmaceutical use, because of their high grade materials. We provide Mineral Oil Free commodities, as well as petroleum free components. This all being in support of our beautiful environment and keeps skin free of harsh ingredients. Our technology is held to the highest standards as we have Pharmaceutical Standards that follow the GMP regulations. For customers, we provide unique products that won’t be found anywhere else because of its natural sources . Even our delivery processes guarantee more effectiveness from the products. Our formulas were created with minimum quantities of preservatives and surfactants.

We only produce product lines that are manufactured with top of the line, advanced biotechnologies and quality controls that fit these medical standards. Thanks to these high quality standards that we live by, we are able to manufacturer over-the-counter or OTC medical products for you. We stay all in compliance with national and international regulations that are set. This includes the Health Canada, FDA, CEE, ANMAT, and ANVISA. We also know that it is imperative for you to understand the proper use of our products to get the best results for your skin type. We extend advice, training, and coaching to ensure everyone understands the correct use, because, every skin type, has different needs. Our ISO 9001 certified brand reaches many who are in need of skin help. This is why we also have our products dermatologically tested products to ensure your safety and the most advanced results. Visit our site today to learn how much more we bring to the table and how you can see your best beautiful skin.

Exel Skin Care – Who We Are

Biocosmetica Exel Argentina SRL was founded in the late 1980’s with the goal to make people feel their best beautiful. Aging and the toxins that are in the environment that aids this is inevitable, but that does not mean your skin can’t be at its best. With much research, we have formulated products that are made of raw materials and engineered with the amazing discoveries of medical science. This is why we are able to give such professional insight and specially train others. Our experience and hard work has led us to have a deeper understanding of how the skin reacts to certain ingredients, and how the environment reacts as well.

Our standards and deep regard to the environment’s well being along with yours is substantial. Anything that is deeply harmful to the environment would of course be harmful to our sensitive skin. Our philosophy of quality and service has drawn many beauty professionals to us and now we have an excellent team of individuals who share the passion to make others feel wonderful about themselves.

If you need excellent results along with exquisite customer care in Liverpool visit our website today and find your anti-aging solution. Your skin deserves the best and we have preserved the pure ingredients of our environment to improve your skin. Your skin works hard everyday, as it is the number one defense against the pollutants and toxins that we live in, making it the biggest organ. Exel Professional Skin care believes your skin needs gentle, effective care and so does our environment.

Our skin care clinic in Liverpool carry the entire range of Exel Skin Care products. Call us to find out what is right for you.

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