EXEL L’Oxygéniste


Revitalising and Oxygenating serum proven to improve moisture levels by 300%.

L’Oxygéniste has been developed to deliver a blend of nutrients and increase oxygen supply to the mitochondria, which power cellular metabolic activity.

Stimulates cell reproduction, prevents pigmentation and dramatically increases hydration. 

Amino Acids from live yeast cell extract

Live yeast cells are cultivated under specific controlled conditions to optimise the benefits by releasing an  extract rich in Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), vitamins and trace elements. Superoxide Dismutase is an antioxidant enzyme which targets superoxide radical toxins and is a key component to fibroblast production.

                Vitamin B Complex:

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) improves cellular turnover, has an anti-inflammatory action which inhibits tyrosinase release, effectively preventing and treating hyperpigmentation.

Panthenol (Vitamin B5) reduces inflammation, is deeply hydrating and healing, while preventing transepidermal water loss.

Beta Glucan polysaccharide liposomes control redness and minimises the response to environmental irritants.

Alpha Bisabolol, derived from German Chamomile, it has an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action which accelerates healing, while restoring suppleness to the skin.

Vitamin E is encapsulated in a liposome to deeply penetrate the skin and deliver rich antioxidant moisture.

Directions: After cleansing and toning, apply 2 to 3 drops of L’Oxygeniste to the skin and press until completely absorbed. Follow with a moisturising cream. This serum can be used for daytime and evening.

Recommended: For dull and devitalised skin with signs of dehydration.

Ingredients: Amino Acids from live yeast cell extract, Vitamin B3, B5, Beta Glucan, Alpha Bisabolol and Vitamin E.

Volume: 30ml


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